Your financial advisor invests your cash.
Terra Firma invests your content.

Turnkey Bespoke
Audio Production

Using our expertise from over 30M+ content streams, we manage the entire process of creating your audio content - from creative ideation to production to distribution.

Predictive Audience
Growth Strategies

Audio is heating up and this means greater challenges for audience attention. We create predictive audience strategies that will work now and in the future.

Monetization Strategies

We don't believe in putting your bread in one basket. Just as a financial advisor would diversify income streams from your cash, we diversify income streams from your content. 

Red Wall & Stairs

Liz Horowitz,
Audio Industry Consultant

Casey has a unique vision for creating compelling content plus a huge heart for everything he does, which makes working with him inspiring and joyful. I believe that Terra Firma is the future of storytelling and will have a significant impact on the audio industry!


Shelly Leslie,
WRAL Digital

Appreciate the great collaboration with the Terra Firma team to help spread the word.


Kait Warman,
Content Creator

Casey and Whitney are the DREAM TEAM. I cannot say enough amazing things about how they have advocated for me, directed me, and led me to greatness. Working with them has been a complete game changer for myself and my business. Best decision of my life!